I recently had the opportunity to interview energy expert and host of the upcoming Body Electric 2.0 Summit, Dr. Christine Shaffner. You can watch the Super Healthy Human Podcast interview with Dr. Shaffner below:

Energy Medicine is a fascinating subject.

Energy medicine is a field of complementary medicine based on the interactions of the human energy field with other energy fields. The human body is surrounded by and emits various kinds of energy: electrical, magnetic, and light. Health and disease appear to be related to the flow or lack of flow of our energetic systems. Modern quantum physics provides the framework for energy medicine. Einstein demonstrated that matter and energy are interchangeable and therefore our bodies are energy.

We are about to enter a new age, where technology and its potential to disrupt our personal energy fields will surround and impact us even more than it does today.

Although we may live longer lives, we do not live better lives — yet. The trajectory must be shifted toward health and vitality. Despite having more medical advances than ever before, diseases like cancer, autism and chronic illness continue to devastate the landscape of humanity.

Biofield science, energy medicine, offers a new opportunity to reverse these trends and shift the paradigm of chronic disease and the rampant compromised quality of life we see right now.

Make no mistake, you have a powerful opportunity to change this.

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